Osnofian Media Player

This distribution was made to be run from a USB drive, bootable CD or even a dedicated hard drive. It loads all needed modules automatically and then searches for compatible media files in all available media. This is the first release of this series replaces the old "One Floppy" version. For more information please check the release notes.

Latest release - 4.5.0
Osnofian Media Player - v4.5.0 is based on :

"One Floppy" Mp3 Player

This is floppy image created to play all Mp3 files from one or more CD-ROM drives. It can be used either as a "standalone" floppy or as a eltorito boot image in a CD-R/CD-RW with Mp3 files.

Latest release - 4.0.1
Osnofian Linux Mp3 Floppy - v4.0.1 is based on :

Compiler CD
Osnofian Linux Compiler CDROM 0.1 is based on :

CDROM Reader Floppy
Osnofian Linux ISO/UDF CDROM Image Dumper Floppy is based on :

Floppy disk to backup the SYSTEM & SAM files in Windows NT/2K/XP. These files are often corrupted and can always be used to recover lost passwords (password recovery not included in floppy). Osnofian Linux SAMDUMP Floppy uses :